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222 Main Street Dental

222 Main Street Dental
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Prevention is a major focus of our philosophy. We provide nutrition counseling oral cancer screening and digital X-rays that deliver less than half the radiation of conventional x-rays taken with film. The office is designed to be welcoming for patients of all ages with TVs in the treatment rooms for entertainment and also for viewing x-rays and intra-oral pictures. The practice offers after hours emergency service for patients of record. We offer interest free payment options to help you budget your care. We are a patient centered practice.Whether it be a toothache a chipped tooth or more complex needs we are eminently qualified to offer the quality dental care you deserve. All treatment is explained and discussed so you never have any surprises. We are compassionate and strive to be painless. Our dedicated team has been with us for dec
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222 Main Street Dental

222 Main St
Milford, MA 01757
222 Main Street Dental

(855) 622-4881

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