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Endodontic treatment (or "root canal") is one of the most common dental procedures, and treats problems associated with the tooth pulp and surrounding tissues. Inside the tooth there is a space where the pulp (commonly called "the nerve") of the tooth resides. The pulp is in a chamber which extends from the crown of the tooth of the tip of the roots, where it connects to the tissues surrounding the root. Endodontists in our network focus on this area of dentistry exclusively, so the level of experience in diagnosing and treating your individual problem is enhanced. For more information, give us a call today to get started.

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Kool Smiles was founded in 2002 and was built on the belief that every family has the right to quality dental care in a clean safe and fun environment. Our first goal is to provide quality and compliant dental care to individuals in communities that typically get overlooked by general dentists. Our services are not just for kids but since we know children are more likely to have great dental habits if mom and dad do too we happily care for the entire family.

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